We’re back!

Oh my god, finally! I just figured out why my admin pages were all blank. How frustrating!

I’m back online now. Apologies for the delays in fixing the spontaneously occurring bug in my blog code!

I’ve been making massive progress on BotArena4. I’ll make a longer post soon and responding to everyone’s comments, but here’s a really quick overview of what I’ve been working on, and some of the current decisions I’ve made about the game.

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Development video 01

In my last post I went into a little bit of detail about the collision avoidance logic implemented in the new game. I’ve been working away at it pretty solidly since then. While its not finished, I feel like it’s getting pretty close!

It’s been a while since I’ve kept up with updating, so I probably owe you all some video previews at this point. In what I hope will be the first of many more, here’s my first development progress video. My intention is to release a new one whenever I hit a development milestone… and I feel like this is a good start!

Yay! Some actual content! Some development progress!

We should celebrate! Champagne anyone??

Super quick update

Hi guys, just an ultra-quick update. I’ve been stuck for what feels like months trying to figure out a system for implementing smooth, dynamic rotation (for things like the bot direction, gun direction, pathfinding, etc) and I recently developed a set of functions which I’m finally happy with. It works great!

I’ve been smashing through development this weekend. The focus today was working on collision resolution. It’s an extremely tricky subject, and very hard to make work perfectly – I can assure you! Every time I test a system it seems to be flawed in a deep way which involves re-writing most of it.

It’s a little exhausting but I’m powering through! Not much else to add for now. Here’s a quick picture of the diagram I’m using to try and figure it out. You people at home can try play along too! Take a look at the picture below…

Based on this picture, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are both Bots moving a particular direction, who should move out of whose way? Before you click ‘read more’, I challenge you to try and think of your own solution to the problem! I share some of my thoughts after the jump, if you’re keen to get bored reading about collision resolution logic… ;)

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BotArena4, first update

Quick update!

Production is going really well. Like… really well. Despite the fact I only ever get, at most, 1 or 2 hours a day to solidly work on this thing (on a good day… I’m usually running around doing some errand, or mini projects for friends… sometimes after work I just can’t fathom doing more programming…) I’m actually making very good progress…

The outcomes are pretty basic so far, but since most of the work is under-the-hood I would expect that much. So far I’ve got the basic environment rendering, dynamic source-code preloading, zooming, automatic camera focus… this is mostly just building blocks for the rest of the game. But that’s boring, so here’s a GIF! See you next time!

BotArena4 early dev GIF

BotArena4 early dev GIF. As you can see I'm using the only Bot graphic I made rather than make a bunch more just to satisfy my design OCD. I'm getting better, see!? *twitch*

BotArena4 is back in production! (for now)

Hi folks!

Just a very quick update. I’ve been dabbling with some new programming languages and upping my design game in various ways. I’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on the pulse of the internet lately… and I think I see an opportunity to make a new incarnation of the BotArena series.

Obviously, I guess I’m pretty known now for not sticking with a project for too long, so I’ll try to be brief and honest with my updates. If I make content worth sharing, I’ll put it up and not bother blabbering on. I’m sure you’ve all earned that at this point :)

I’ve been playing around with rendering methods, and I’m pretty sure this is what we can expect to see in terms of graphics in the new game…

BotArena4 concept mock

Check out the lighting on the plating - that's just a masked layer with a rotating pre-rendered orange gradient which looks in the direction of the nearest light. This plating so far requires 5 different layers of composition. The gradient and mask are two of those layers. At max zoom the bots will be exported as 200p images (200x200). I expect paint colour will be full customisable from a palette

Development on this new platform (deliberately not trying to give too much away here) so far has been very fast. The scale of the new BotArena project I expect to be very small, but I think when everyone sees it they’ll understand the reason it doesn’t need to necessarily be large scale. 

I’ll post more as I make it. Ciao for now!

Question: “So, will BotArena4 ever see the light of day?”

I don’t normally write elaborate replies to comments. Especially such brief ones. But for some reason I found this question particularly poignant for anyone who reads this blog, so I thought I’d make it a post instead of comment reply where nobody will see it…

Jared from the U.S asks:

So will bot arena 4 ever see the light of day?

Hi Jared! Since you’re obviously just joining us, here’s a summary:

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Project Clef, week 19+20 “Freelance isn’t free”

Taking a leaf out of my last update, here’s the skinny:

  • Luke did freelance work last weekend
  • Luke did freelance work this weekend

And there isn’t really much else to say!

No. Forget that. There is more to say. I just wanna take this opportunity to complain that it’s not fair that I’m calling them weekly updates when real life gets in the way this much.

Everyone who reads this blog assumes weekly updates = weekly progress. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. And it’s quite disheartening.

Luke out.

Project Clef, week 15+16+17+18 “Week + Week = Weak”

I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about not making a blog post. For a while now. For a while longer than I thought. I just checked the calendar and it’s been a month. A whole month.

Kids, when it comes to weekly posts, don’t skip one. Not even one. I’ve pretty much established this precedent of not meeting my own weekly blog post deadlines, so now posts just happen on the weeks where I have enough time to stick my head above the water and take a breath. Continue reading